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PILOT Product Overview

The plenty color pattern selections, efficient production and processing system, and strict production control are the advantages of Pilot products. Our products meet Grade A fire rating, have strong weatherability and original "eutectic metal roller printing technology", are good decoration, radiation free, self-cleaning, easy construction, pollution free, and recyclable. We have currently developed five product series, fully considering the applied scenarios, function and design demands, and providing customization service to different customers.

Product Classification

Our products are classified into three categories: metal plate, metal composite panel and insulated composite panel.


【Metal Plate】

Metal plates are colored by import four-color roller printing production line which allows printing on a variety of specifications and thicknesses (aluminum plate 0.5mm~3.0 mm, steel plate 0.25mm~2.0 mm), and provide accurate color matching, more vivid design, long-lasting colors and patterns. Customization service is available according to customers’ different requirements for size, thickness, color, texture, and we offer tailormade cylinder, curved plate, punching plate as well to make the building facade more diverse and with modern aesthetic.

▼Punched plate, curved plate


▼Application of sprung roof







【Metal Composite Panel】

Metal composite panels and insulation composite panels both have composite structures. To meet different requirements of different buildings on functional characteristics, appearance personality and enterprise attributes, Pilot developed five product series: City Transportation Dedicated Panels、Medical Antibacterial Dedicated Panel、Dedicated Panel for Financial Customization、Interior and Exterior Curtain Wall Decorative Panels、Metal Facing Insulation Composite Panels.

Types of composite panels


dian.png  Roller Printing    —— Gorgeous and lifelike colors, varied patterns, excellent weather resistance, 30-year unfading and non-aging guarantee; 

dian.png  Grade A Fireproofness     —— National Grade A fireproof, safety guaranteed;

dian.png  Scratch Resistance    —— The perfect combination of metal substrate and printing and coloring technology ensures scratch, impact and wear resistance;

dian.png  Easy to Install    —— Easy to install, dust-free and noise-free installation, short installation period;

dian.png  Insulation and Damp-proofness     —— Good insulation and dampproofness;

dian.png  Anti-bacterial and Antistatic  —— Applicable to specific working and living environments;

dian.png  Safe and Hazard-free    —— Made of organic and inorganic materials, have stable chemical and physical structure, won’t decompose or go moldy, and are radiation free, pollution-free and hazard-free;

dian.png  Eco Friendly and Recyclable  —— Recyclable to avoid destruction to natural environment.


▼Application of Composite Panels

1508721146699524.jpg 1508721154946010.jpg


1508721294126978.jpg 1508721298941277.jpg

—Shenzhen metro line 11—


1508721367674049.jpg 1508721371399076.jpg



—Integrated Assembly

1508721536704172.jpg 1508721581126212.jpg

—Application of insulated Composite Panel

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