Warmly welcome Eighth Wuhan construction engineering group to visit our company


Release time:2018-03-31

The senior leaders of Eighth Wuhan construction engineering group visit our company on March 31, 2018. General manager office leaders of our company expressed warmly welcome to the arrival of customers. General manager Mr. Zhao briefly introduced the development and strength of the company and hoped to take this investigation as an opportunity. Two companies further strengthen communication and cooperation.

Customers visit production workshop

Customers visit our factory (The external wall of our factory is used our metal material)


The senior leaders of eighth Wuhan construction engineering group have visited each production workshop successively finally visited our exhibition hall. The customers have given high evaluation to our superior production environment, strong momentum of development and advanced development planning through field investigation. They think our products have great development potential and advantages.

Customers visit our exhibition hall, communicate with each other.

Through the “close contact” with our factory, the customers more detailed understand the whole production process and technical, enhance the trust of our products. Further strengthen the pace and confidence of our future market development. Our company also has a clearer understanding of the needs and characteristics of Wuhan market though communicate with customers. We believe that we will have a more brilliant tomorrow through close cooperation between the two sides.

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