Warmly welcome Nippon Steel& Sumitomo Metal experts visit our company and exchange technical views


Release time:2018-06-14


International famous steel enterprise-- Nippon Steel& Sumitomo Metal experts visited Pilot recently. Our technical team held a Sino-Japanese exchange meeting with them.




General manager office leaders of our company expressed warmly welcome to the arrival of customers. Then our general manager Mr. Zhao introduced our enterprise strength and core advantages in detail to customers. Nippon steel& Sumitomo Metal experts said our company’s development momentum is strong, they gave a highly appraised to the advancing development planning and advanced equipment of our company.



The expert of Nippon Steel& Sumitomo Metal, Mr. Morimoto (one of the developer of SuperDyma alloy technical) professional introduced SuperDyma technical to us. Pilot technical team had an in-depth discussion with Japanese experts about technical R&D and innovation subject of printed steel plate. 




The exchange not only opened up the international perspective of the participants, inspired the innovative thinking of researchers, but also strengthened the cooperative relationship between the two sides. The architectural printed steel plates of Pilot insisted on technical innovation, it also indicated that Pilot has reached a new height in using international advanced and high-end technical resources. 

Through the innovation of technology and close cooperation between the two sides, it strengthened confidence that our company development future market. We believe that Pilot will have a more brilliant tomorrow. Let’s wait and see!

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