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Release time:2017-12-13

With the development of the Times, more and more people pay attention to detail. They want to live better, and delicate live.

The enterprise is the same. Enterprises also want to change something. Who don’t want to attract attention? But the methods are different.  

The facade of the factory represents the appearance of an enterprise. It is the first impression of the customer to a company. It is the proof of enterprise strength. The facade of factory is very important. This first impression may imperceptibly affect the development of the future of the enterprise.

Metal composite material have the feature of colorful, Grade A fireproof, scratch & abrasion resistant, dampproof, superior weatherability, easy to install and clean etc. It’s important that it could meet any color design requirements and pattern customized, and realize the unlimited requirements of designer. Perfect built grand and beautiful building facade, highlight the unique sense of quality and time! Metal composite material is the best choice for factory construction and renovation!

There are some realistic pictures as following, let’s preview.

Nanjing Aston Robot Workshop

Yangzhou Pross Logistics Park

Zhangjiagang Kangdexin

Hangzhou Cigarette Factory

Xiamen Bailuda Industrial Factory

Pilot of the whole industry chain for metal printed composite decorative panels in china. With professional design team, efficient production equipment, excellent quality assurance,dedicate to provide one-stop solution for you, built different architectural charm for you. Refusing to the mediocrity and highlight the strength and charm of company.

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